Katie Shieff: End of Trip & Back to Seattle!

Hello! It has been a long time since I've had the chance to write a blog post, but I made it back to Seattle yesterday! I had such an amazing experience and want to go back to New Zealand soon! For my break week, I was able to do so many fun things!  I went... Continue Reading →


Katie Shieff: Bay of Islands

Last weekend, I went on a 3 day adventure to the top of New Zealand. I had so much fun, and went to many different places. On Friday, I hopped into a van with my biology teacher and 10 other students who were going on the trip. Our first stop was a beach town, where... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Exploring Auckland & Tattoos

I've officially been in New Zealand for one week! I live with two other roommates in an apartment, and everything is going great. I've been able to figure out Auckland public transportation, which is pretty similar to Melbourne public transportation. I really enjoy taking the trains to places around the city. So far, I've seen... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Break Week & Arrival in New Zealand!

I'm back from my amazing break week in Sydney and Cairns! I had the best time and was able to explore so many places. Last Tuesday, I flew up to Sydney with a group of classmates from the program. We arrived in Sydney around 10AM, and then checked into our hostel. My friend and I... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Australia Day and Delicious Food!

Yesterday was Australia Day! When I first found out I would be here for Australia Day, I was super excited. In my intercultural communications class we learned about the history of Australia and why Australia Day is actually very controversial. On January 26th, 1788, Europeans arrived on the coast of Australia and "claimed" the land.... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Field Trips & Pub Crawls

I can't believe I only have one more week of school before I leave for Sydney and Cairns! I am so excited to travel up the coast and see the Great Barrier Reef! This week, we went on two excursions for biology and history. For biology, we went to Cape Shanck and explored rock pools.... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Best Day Ever!

Today was literally the best day of my life. I went on a penguin tour with two of my friends from the trip, and it was amazing. I got to cuddle a koala, see a huge wombat up close, feed kangaroos out of my hand, watch a whip cracking show, watch sheep be herded by... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Work, Play, Shenanigans, and Koalas Down Under

    Hello again! It's been quite a week down under here in Australia! The weather is incredible, and changes quite frequently. On Saturday it was 107 degrees, but then Sunday was a nice 70 degrees. The dramatic changes in temperature remind me of Seattle. On Sunday, our class split into groups to go on... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Arrival in Melbourne

Hello!! I finally made it to Melbourne, Australia after a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, another flight from San Francisco to Auckland, and finally, the last flight from Auckland to Melbourne. Luckily, the international flights were all through Air New Zealand, and the seats were very comfortable. Every passenger had a mini tv in... Continue Reading →

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