Rebekah Mundell: Adventures in Japan pt 1

A lot of people will tell you to study abroad it is a good way to meet new people, what they fail to tell you is that you also get to know yourself better through the experience. Every since I was a little girl I always wanted to do a study abroad but never really... Continue Reading →

Tamsin Cody: Why I chose to Study Abroad

Why I Choose to Study Abroad I had a lot of influences to help me make my decision to study abroad: My background - Because I come from a multicultural family, I grew up celebrating many of the same holidays and eating the same food that a traditional Chinese family would. My parents also tried... Continue Reading →

Tamsin Cody: University of Nagasaki School Festival!

I had the opportunity to attend three school festivals this fall! It was amazing, there was amazing food and the atmosphere was exciting. There was an assortment of different festival foods like Karaage (fried chicken) and yakisoba. The students also performed a variety of dances from K-pop to hip hop and I loved every minute!

Momo Kitahara: 日本に留学 Thoughts — momo k. abroad

あと12日でシアトルから東京へ、そしてあと17日で長崎へ。 生まれ育ちがアメリカで両親が日本人。旅行に行くだけじゃ経験できない日本での生活と文化の勉強をしたくて留学を決意しました。 via 日本に留学 Thoughts — momo k. abroad

Anastasiia Zavialova: Getting Ready-To the Land of the Rising Sun

Making a decision to study abroad is a serious step. For me, it was something I considered to be impossible due to circumstances. It still is. I don't know how it all happened, but the next thing I remembered is I received a letter that I got accepted and that's when I had tears of... Continue Reading →

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