Katie Shieff: Best Day Ever!

Today was literally the best day of my life. I went on a penguin tour with two of my friends from the trip, and it was amazing. I got to cuddle a koala, see a huge wombat up close, feed kangaroos out of my hand, watch a whip cracking show, watch sheep be herded by... Continue Reading →


Katie Shieff: Work, Play, Shenanigans, and Koalas Down Under

    Hello again! It's been quite a week down under here in Australia! The weather is incredible, and changes quite frequently. On Saturday it was 107 degrees, but then Sunday was a nice 70 degrees. The dramatic changes in temperature remind me of Seattle. On Sunday, our class split into groups to go on... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Arrival in Melbourne

Hello!! I finally made it to Melbourne, Australia after a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, another flight from San Francisco to Auckland, and finally, the last flight from Auckland to Melbourne. Luckily, the international flights were all through Air New Zealand, and the seats were very comfortable. Every passenger had a mini tv in... Continue Reading →

Hongli Xu: New Year in Osaka and Kyoto

It was the first time that I spend New Year in Japan.  We had winter break from 23/DEC to 3/JAN and I traveled to Osaka and Kyoto with a friend. We spend the first three days in Osaka. Of course we ate Okonomiyaki, Doteyaki, and Takoyaki. I forgot to take a picture of Takoyaki.  I... Continue Reading →

Hongli Xu: Year-End Party

We had a year-end part on 22 Dec 2017, which was two weeks ago. I didn't expect that we would have a badminton party before drinking party, but it was fun to get some exercise! We teamed up with two people each, and I was teamed with Yuga. Our team wasn't too weak, but we... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Pre-Departure Post Australia/New Zealand

There’s only 11 more days until I fly to Australia, and I am super stoked! I will be taking biology, history, and communication on the trip from several different professors in both countries. For the communication class, we have been assigned some preparation work to do before we leave. I already love the class and... Continue Reading →

Hongli Xu: Huis Ten Bosch = Kingdom of Light

We went to Huis Ten Bosch last week. This is my second time to visit Huis Ten Bosch. They added two main attractions which is the kingdom of the light and the Phalaenopsis orchid event. The ticket was 6,900 yen (entry) + 500 yen (for the Phalaenopsis orchid). It was a little expensive, but I... Continue Reading →

Hongli Xu: Autumn leaves and Nagasaki cats!

The autumn leaves were very beautiful with their reflection in the water. I heard the night view of autumn leaves with lights are very pretty too, and I hope I will have a chance to see them in the future. While we were enjoying the view, we had Japanese tea they serviced us for free^^. I felt very warm to have hot tea in the cold weather.

Katie Shieff: Prepping for Australia and New Zealand

Hello everyone! My name is Katie, and I will be going on the Australia and New Zealand 2018 Winter quarter study abroad program. I have been counting down the days to the trip since March, so I am very excited that it’s only a couple weeks away! Just today, I went to the pre-trip orientation... Continue Reading →

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