Momo Kitahara: 日本に留学 Thoughts — momo k. abroad

あと12日でシアトルから東京へ、そしてあと17日で長崎へ。 生まれ育ちがアメリカで両親が日本人。旅行に行くだけじゃ経験できない日本での生活と文化の勉強をしたくて留学を決意しました。 via 日本に留学 Thoughts — momo k. abroad


Jay Sanchez: First Day of Class in Jiaotong

I had no trouble falling asleep Sunday night because all the right stuff occurred that resulted in a recipe for a good night sleep. Let's see I was on the air heading to China on a  straight flight that I boarded July 1 at 5pm. and then I landed on Washington time 7am.

Last days in Japan-going back home

What I regret the most is probably how short this program was. It was only two weeks and I just got used to the routines and now I have to leave. On the last week, we went hiking with my host mom, her friend and another exchange student Maia and it was beautiful. The view... Continue Reading →

Anastasiia Zavialova: Falling in Love with Japan

It has been a week since I live in Japan and study at Saijo college. My host family which consists of mom and dad are amazing. They are so sweet and friendly and it really feels like that we are family. When I had bad insects bites on hands and face, my host mom took... Continue Reading →

Anastasiia Zavialova: Getting Ready-To the Land of the Rising Sun

Making a decision to study abroad is a serious step. For me, it was something I considered to be impossible due to circumstances. It still is. I don't know how it all happened, but the next thing I remembered is I received a letter that I got accepted and that's when I had tears of... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: End of Trip & Back to Seattle!

Hello! It has been a long time since I've had the chance to write a blog post, but I made it back to Seattle yesterday! I had such an amazing experience and want to go back to New Zealand soon! For my break week, I was able to do so many fun things!  I went... Continue Reading →

Katie Shieff: Bay of Islands

Last weekend, I went on a 3 day adventure to the top of New Zealand. I had so much fun, and went to many different places. On Friday, I hopped into a van with my biology teacher and 10 other students who were going on the trip. Our first stop was a beach town, where... Continue Reading →

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