Momo Kitahara: Day 1 to 4 // Helloooo Nagasaki😗

12 days here in Nagasaki, Japan passed. Felt quick, but so many things happened over the time.

DAY 1Firsts 

I survived my first flight alone and was picked up from Nagasaki Airport to head straight to my dorm. Three University of Nagasaki students welcomed me and showed me around, I rode on the tram for the first time, and had udon (I LOVE UDON also it was only 500 yen or so).

They also took me to COCOWALK, a giant mall where you can shop, eat, watch movies, or even go on the Ferris Wheel on the top of the building. We headed to the city hall to turn in some forms which took so much longer than we expected. All of them helped me out super kindly and waited with me.

I’m so glad I got to meet the three, and I had a good time spending my day one with them. Throughout my first week, I saw all of them at school and even had classes with two of them. It was definitely comforting to see familiar faces at the new school and new environment.

That night, I was the only one in this humongous dorm house. My room was very spacious and had a tatami flooring, gigantic desk, a closet, and a body mirror. I wasn’t expecting much from the dorms, but we get to live in this Airbnb-feeling house right behind a 24-hour supermarket–super convenient.

DAY 2: Meeting more people

Two students from Thai, that are now my best friends, came along with two of their supporters from the University of Nagasaki. We all clicked right away and I tagged along to go shopping for shampoo and detergents as well as grocery shopping. The five of us came back to the dorm all tired from a long day of walking. This night was definintely one of my personal highlights so far. We pulled out some playing cards and laughed so hard it really didn’t feel like the first time meeting them that day. I can’t say this enough, but I’m so happy to be surrounded by super kind and happy people.

I made the two Thai students yakisobaaaa! We also ate pork and beef that one of the brought!! It was like a jerky. Soooo goood.

I’m so blessed to have gotten amazing housemates.

DAY 3: Don Quijote

The three of us, two Thai students and I, ventured out and hopped on the tram to go to Hama no Machi “浜の町” to go to ドン・キホーテ “Don Quijote”, an “everything” shop. From makeup to food to clothing, they have it ALL. And for cheaper than most stores.

That night the two other students from my community college arrived at our dorm. This was the start of the study abroad for the five of us.

DAY 4: Orientation! 

FINALLY got to visit my school, University of Nagasaki 長崎県立大学 シーボルト校 during the Orientation. We were all picked up at the dorm and took the bus to our school–about a 10-minute ride (which isn’t so bad!) There were a total of 17 international students that came before the fall semester began. All of us plus five international student supporters from the school, and the advisor from the international exchange program from the school came. We all got IDs, introduced ourselves, exchanged LINE (the most common messaging app in Japan), and looked over which classes to take.

Throughout most of the orientation, I was with one of the supporters (who is now one of my closest friends). It was crazy because she was coincidentally friends with one of MY friends from school that studied in Nagasaki the year before. She also, a few days later, took me out for dinner and showed me around Nagasaki. I didn’t think I would be able to meet people that clicked right away or become so close in just a few hours haha.

After around 3 and a half hours, the orientation came to an end. We were all drained and hungry. We decided to go out to eat at COCOWALK’s food court. There, we met up with even MORE international students and some of their supporters. I had Udon (pic BELOW) again because I’m always hungry for udon.

UDON❤️ My favorite Japanese noodles! Also Chikuwa tempura is amazing if you haven’t had it already 🙂

But it doesn’t end there. We got home around 8:30 pm and three student supporters came to our dorm to hang!! We non-stop talked for maybe 2 hours. Hearing hilarious stories from one of the supporters and laughing so hard, the time went by quick.

via day 1 to 4 // Helloooo Nagasaki😗 — momo k. abroad

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