Summer Software/IT Camp in Beijing

Read more about our EdCC study abroad student experiences in China via Jay Sanchez, our Beijing 2017 student ambassador.

In a truly international Software/IT Camp, summer of 2017 brought 45-50 students to Beijing Jiao Tong University from 7 different countries! Students majoring in computer science will find this camp particularly beneficial. Contact your Study Abroad coordinator for more details.
Registration Deadline: April 27th, 2018. Early bird registration is welcome!
Click here to contact a study abroad adviser  Or call 425.640.1618

BJTU MarchEdmonds Community College in the USA brought 7 students, alongside 12 Russian students, 6 from University of Woolongong in Australia, 2 from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, 2 from Eastern Asia University in Thailand, and 6 from INDUK University in Korea. There are also 8-10 students from China and 5 Egyptian students from Cairo.

Intro Class

The BJTU summer Software/IT Camp offers students increasingly sought-after professional learning experience on a global level.

About the Program

IT Summer School at School of Software Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University combines most cutting-edge technologies and wonderful Chinese culture experience. Program is taught in English and divided into two main parts: Mobile App Development and Chinese language & culture introduction, duration of each is 2 weeks, 4 weeks in total.

Program Adventures

  1. Learning by doing and team work in collaborative environment with students from diverse culture and nationalities.
  2. Visit famous IT companies located in Beijing Silicon Valley.
  3. Interact with the other Summer School Chinese students from software engineering schools of top Chinese Universities and make new international friends.
  4. Embrace your experience of living abroad and expand your horizons.
  5. Social and culture activities

Program description

Mobile App Development

Guided by expert from IT famous company, students in small teams design a creative mobile application for Android from scratch and install on the device. Classes are held every morning, from Monday through Friday, with culture workshops two afternoons per week.

Duration Program Credits Date
2 weeks 64 hours of course

2 visits to IT companies

Site tours on weekend

4 Approx June-July

Introduction to Chinese Language & Culture

Guided by our teachers experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, students will learn basic Chinese language and experience culture, as calligraphy, tea ceremony, traditional knitting and paper cut. Classes are held every morning, from Monday through Friday, with culture workshops two afternoons per week.

Duration Program Credits Date
2 weeks 48 hours of course

4 culture workshops

Site tours on weekend

3 Approx June-July

Note: Chinese course is addition to IT course and optional to choose, it will be opened for a minimum of 10 applicants.

Cultural & Social Activities

SSE Summer School is not only courses but also a great opportunity to have fun and discover the beautiful city of Beijing with its rich culture heritage. During your stay you will visit the most beautiful sites in Beijing such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and others.

Housing & Food

Foreign student dormitory will be provided on campus with standard room for 2 persons and private bathroom. The dormitory is located near teaching buildings, library, stadium and canteens. From here you can branch out to the city with a walking distance to the subway station.

Different meals available on campus in student canteens with varieties from different ethnic of China, halal, western and other Asian food.

Cost & Dates

Duration 2 weeks 2 + 2 weeks
Tuition waived
Dormitory approx ~ 12$/ day
Meals on campus approx ~ 8$/ day (3 meals)
Sites tour entrance ticket fees approx ~ 82$/4 weeks
NOTE: Each student is responsible for obtaining a valid visa and health insurance prior to his/her arrival in China.


Summer program is taught in English and open to students from all over the world with basic programming skills, who have finished high school and currently following at least a Bachelor’s degree program. All students must be capable of doing their university level activities. Certain restrictions apply.


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