University of Nagasaki Exchange

In this exchange program, students enroll at the University of Nagasaki and take a semester of tuition-free, transferable Edmonds CC credits during Fall and Winter quarters. As a representative of Edmonds CC, students qualify for university subsidized housing, as well as gain the opportunity to attend special events for international students.

This program is a unique opportunity to become completely immersed in Japanese culture and to take your Japanese studies to the next level!

Follow our 2017 Nagasaki Exchange Facebook Group chronicling experiences of two Edmonds CC students currently in Nagasaki.

This program is treated and run as an exchange with only a few students for a longer time than a traditional study abroad program. The purpose is to internationalize both participating campuses, and we design specific pre-departure meetings for EdCC students who are accepted. Students are also asked to participate in the University of Nagasaki activities and extra-curricular programs. In return, we help UN students get more involved in ours when they study here.

Japanese 121, 122 and 123 are required to be completed before departure. In Nagasaki your classes will depend on your major and what is offered at UN that year. These classes will be taught in English. You are required to take a full class load that will equate to about 2 quarters abroad. We work with you to register for your classes at the UN. The greatest advantage to this program is the true immersion you will experience. You will be fully surrounded by Japanese culture and language and university life, much more so compared to a traditional study abroad program.

Estimated  Costs to Students: 
Housing Fee
$180/mo = $950 total
$ 1,100-1,200
Health Insurance
$10/15 month
Daily Living Expenses
$3,000 (food, bus fare etc.)
Estimated Total:

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